2021 BVRAC Membership Dues

2021 BVRAC Membership Dues


Membership Dues are listed below:

Hospitals:       $500.00

EMS Providers: $250.00

Colleges & Educational Institutions: $250.00

Other Members (FROs, Emergency Management, etc.) $50.00



Condition of Membership


  1. A member entity must complete an Agency Participation Form.  The representatives listed on this form for official representation of the agency must meet the requirements for representation as outlined in the Official Representation section of the BVRAC SOPs.


  1. No person shall be denied membership on the basis of race, sex or religious preference.


  1. A member who resigns in good standing may reapply for membership.  Resignations must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee.


  1. A member failing to actively participate in BVRAC activities as defined by the bylaws may be removed from the membership by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.  A member who does not comply with assigned responsibilities or is charged with an act/or conviction of any felony violation of law may be relieved of duty and membership by simple majority vote of the Executive Committee.  Said member may appeal this action for re-instatement in writing to the Executive Committee.


  1. Prior to removal from the membership by the Executive Committee, the Executive Director and/or RAC Chair will notify said member that they are not compliant with RAC bylaws and participation requirements.  If participation does not increase, a message will be sent to voting members identifying lack of participation.  If the issue continues, the Executive Director and/or RAC Chair will bring said member’s name to the Executive Committee for removal.

Membership Dues must be paid in full by each member by the 1st of January of each year.  Dues, Fees or other financial incentives do not determine the number of votes awarded to an organization/entity.




Roger Sheridan 979.595.2801 ext 2041 or




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